Our soba


It is a pleasant feeling beyond description when natural dashi infiltrates into a body. As we would like customers to have the same feeling, we prepare at least one dish which enables customers to enjoy the substance of dashi. Dashi is used in almost all cooking processes. Every morning, we carefully take dashi from kelp and dried bonito.

Ingredients we use in particular vegetables

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011 was a big opportunity for us to reconsider our dishes. During days in which we had no choice but to think seriously about what living means, we changed our attitude seeking safer food materials.

During the course of our changing attitude, we had chances to meet those farmers who spent time and effort in producing safe and delicious vegetables.

Every week, fresh and delicious vegetables are supplied by Koizumi Circulation Farm in Chiba Prefecture, Natural Farm Tom and Tani Farm. In addition we purchase seasonal vegetables at Aoyama Farmersf Market in every weekend.