Dear valuable customers,
20 years have already passed since I jumped into the handmade soba (i.e. buckwheat noodle) field and 15 years have passed since I opened gTeuchi Soba Muto (i.e. Handmade Soba Restaurant Muto)h in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
At the beginning, I opened the restaurant as a genuine buckwheat noodle restaurant. The restaurant served simple soba dishes during lunch time and was operated as a soba-izakaya (i.e. mixture of a buckwheat noodle restaurant and a Japanese style pub) during dinner time.
In learning the foundation of Japanese cuisine to extend the scope of my own cooking and coming across vegetables produced by those farmers who are utilizing organic agriculture, I started to feel like I wanted to take a step forward from the existing business operation style.
As a result, a chef's choices method was introduced. gSafe and seasonal foodh, gnatural dashi (i.e. Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp)h and gdelicious sobah are the pillars of this method. I am looking forward to customers visiting my restaurant with the cheffs choice method for both lunch and dinner times.